Developing Markets for a Sustainable tomorrow

Fulfilling PM Modi's Vision of a Sustainable Future

Empowering Markets

Empowering Growth Through Sustainable Markets

The Net Zero Foundation is on a mission to cultivate dynamic, sustainable markets that not only drive economic growth but also champion environmental preservation and social inclusion. Our approach focuses on market development, where the emphasis is on creating robust and vibrant ecosystems that are deeply rooted in sustainability.


Why Building Markets Matters

Marketplaces are the heartbeat of economies. They have the power to shape the direction of development, influence resource consumption, and determine the well-being of societies. Recognizing this, we are passionately committed to fostering markets that drive economic growth while safeguarding our environment and ensuring social equity.

Our Approach

How we develop green Markets

Engaging with Governments

To develop sustainable markets, we actively partner with governments. By working closely with government bodies, we can shape and implement policies that encourage and reward sustainability. These policies can stimulate the demand for eco-friendly products and services, fostering a robust green market that benefits both the economy and the environment.

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Empowering Individuals

Our goal is to empower individuals to make sustainable choices within the market. Through our Net Zero Marketplace, individuals can access a wide range of eco-friendly products and services. We provide information and resources that guide consumers toward sustainable choices, amplifying the market's capacity for green growth.

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Supporting Business Transition

Businesses are a linchpin in market development. We collaborate with businesses to help them adopt sustainable practices, reduce costs, and enhance their sustainability profile. By making sustainability a core part of their operations, businesses can tap into the growing demand for green solutions, thereby contributing to market expansion.

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Driving Industry Transformation

The transition to sustainable markets involves working closely with industries. We actively partner with industries to support innovation and transition to eco-friendly practices. By driving the development of green products and promoting resource efficiency, we foster the growth of industries aligned with sustainability.

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Initiative : National Green Shop

Be part of India's transition to a sustainable future. List your eco-friendly products on the National Green Shop, where sustainability is the currency and responsible business practices are celebrated. Click the button below to get started.

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Engagement Models

Engaging with Us to Develop Markets

We offer a range of engagement models that cater to governments, individuals, businesses, and industries. Your participation is pivotal in driving the growth of sustainable markets. Explore our website to understand the details of these models and find the one that aligns with your goals and aspirations. Get in touch with us, and let's join forces to cultivate a brighter, more sustainable market-driven future for all. The Net Zero Foundation is your ally in developing markets that not only empower economic growth but also champion environmental responsibility and social inclusion. Together, we can create a future where market development and sustainability go hand in hand, delivering prosperity and preserving the planet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the NetZero India Foundation?

The NetZero India Foundation is a government initiative dedicated to helping India achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2070. We focus on promoting green technologies, advocating policy changes, and forging partnerships to reduce carbon emissions and foster sustainability.

What does "net-zero" mean?

Net-zero refers to the balance between the amount of greenhouse gases produced and the amount removed from the atmosphere. We achieve net-zero when the amount we add is no more than the amount we take away.

Why is the focus on MSMEs (Micro Small and Medium Enterprises)?

MSMEs are vital for India's economic growth, contributing to a third of our GDP. By helping this sector transition towards more sustainable practices, we can have a substantial impact on reducing our overall emissions and fostering social inclusion.

How can I get involved with the NetZero India Foundation?

There are several ways to get involved. You can contribute by offsetting your carbon footprint, implementing green practices in your business, advocating for green policies, and more. Visit our 'Your Role in a Sustainable Future' section for more information.

What kind of partners are you looking for?

We aim to create a comprehensive change platform involving all key ecosystem players: government stakeholders, academicians, private industry, not-for-profits, and investors. If you're interested in partnering with us, please contact us.

What kind of partners are you looking for?

Our solutions aim to address India's biggest green transition challenges, such as reducing Scope-3 emissions from Indian MSMEs, catalyzing green-tech innovation, and bringing diverse ecosystem players onto the same platform for effective green advocacy.

Where can I learn more about the efforts and achievements of the NetZero India Foundation?

Visit our 'Success Stories' and 'Impact and Insights' sections to hear from our partners and understand the real-world impact of our efforts. You can also stay informed with the latest updates by subscribing to our newsletter.